Welcome to  Laighbent B&B,  Blackwaterfoot,  Isle of Arran,  Scotland.

Kinloch Hotel, Isle of Arran

Kinloch Hotel      situated a short stroll from Laighbent  in Blackwaterfoot, 

has a comfortable atmosphere and serves good food during the day and in the evening.

Tel :  01770 860 444

Shiskine Clubhouse, Blackwaterfoot, Isle of Arran

Clubhouse Grill and Tee Room at SGTC    is at the golf course at Blackwaterfoot
(just over 1/4  mile from Laighbent), and is open to the general public. 

Tel :    01770 860 777

Felicity's at The Clubhouse

The Lighthouse Restaurant, Pirnmill,  Isle of Arran

The   Lighthouse   restaurant is in Pirnmill, 
9 miles up the coast from Laighbent,
serving light lunches and evening meals.

Tel :    01770 850 240

The Lighthouse Restaurant, Pirnmill,  Isle of Arran

Blackwaterfoot Lodge, Isle of Arran

Blackwaterfoot Lodge is open for meals during the season, and again is a short walk from Laighbent.

Machrie Bay Tearoom, Isle of Arran

Machrie Tearoom    is 4 miles up the coast from Laighbent,
and  is open during the day for snacks, meals & home baking  from Easter.

Tel :    01770 840 329

Auchrannie, Isle of Arran

Auchrannie     in Brodick has a variety of eating establishments  
-    from basic to fine dining, and is open all year.

Tel :    01770 302 234

The Brodick Bar & Brasserie  is a bistro that serves excellent food.
Tel:    01770 302 169

Copperwheats, Brodick
Tel :   01770 302 522

The Wineport, Brodick
Tel :    01770 302 977

Corrie Golf Club
Tel :    01770 810 223


Shanghai Chinese Restaurant, Brodick
Tel :   01770 303 777

Food, Isle of Arran
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